First-time users Discount: We offer up to 50% discount to all first-time new customers. Our regular prices are 50% lower than our competitors. You may qualify for an additional 20% discount for all year long if you use our service at least twice or more in a month.

Referral Fee: All customers who refer another customer will receive $5 referral fee. This fee can be deducted from your next trip.

Free Ride after your 12th paid ride: Anyone who has used our service for 12 times during a 3-month period will have the 13th ride free of charge equal to the value of last trip or 50% of the total trips whichever is greater.

Summer Discount: We offer additional 10% discount on already discounted prices during summer time which usually begins from June 15th and last until the end of September.

Christmas Discounts: Before Christmas, by the 15th, we will hold a lottery in which one winner will get a one way free ride (maximum value $100) on New Year Eve.

New Year Eve Discount: To our valued customers, who have used our service for at least 6 months, minimum 2 rides a month, we offer generous discounts up to 25% on our hourly rates for Sedans, Vans, Mini buses and Mega buses. This is how we say Thank You to all who used our services during the year.

Wait-time extra grace-period: We offer extra grace-period as compared to our competitors. Our local pickup grace-period is 15 minutes, domestic and international airport pickup grace-period is 30 minutes from the time the plane lands and not from the scheduled arrival time. At the end of grace-period our regular wait-time @ $50 will begin in the increments of 15 minutes or fraction thereof.

Guarantee: We guarantee and assure you that none of our competitors offer such generous package of discounts, promotions and rewards. This is, again, to say THANK YOU to all who are using our services or would like use our services. We will always stay behind you when it comes to low, affordable price and timely reliable service

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